How To Choose Make up For the Bride’s Mother

As we start talking about a perfect wedding, the immediate picture that comes to our mind is the bride with a subtle makeup walking down the aisle. However, weddings are not only about the bride. It’s a big day for the bride’s mother too as she is the one who will be standing beside her daughter extending her support for the next milestone. Therefore, the bride’s mother needs to carry out a vintage yet classy look for the entire day.

However, the makeup of bride’s mother will not be same as that of the bride’s. Hiring a professional artist, who specialises in wedding makeup, will prove to be a wise idea in case of taking care of the bride’s mothers look. Here are some expert tips for the bride’s mother that will help them in achieving a stunning look for the day.

Stick to your personal taste: As the bride’s mother, you are not required to quit your styling sense and look unnatural. Consult with your makeup artist along with the fashion designer to keep your style subtle yet fabulous, as always.

Take inspiration: It will be a wise decision on your part to do a bit of research regarding the bride’s mother’s looks. There is nothing bad in getting inspired by the works done by other artists. You can also show some examples to your makeup artist asking him/her to create the similar look you found out either from the Internet or magazines that you have browsed.

Go for a trial run: Trial runs are not only for the brides or grooms but as the bride’s mother you can also go for a trial run with your makeup artist and outfit designer. Tell them about your plan and disclose the inspirational looks on the trial run. Coming with a concrete plan will surely help you to look your best on the big day.

Nurture your skin: It is essential for you to provide your skin with the essential nourishment before the makeup artist starts applying makeup on you. Having a beauty session with the professional makeup artist will let you experiment with several skin care products beforehand. The skin care tips will further help in making your skin compatible with the makeup on your big day. Moreover, as you are ageing, your skin is going through exfoliation. The professionals will also assist you to get rid of the problem early on the big day.

Experiment with your eyes and lips: You need to remember that you will also be the centre of attraction on your daughter’s wedding day. Therefore, overdoing the makeup may spoil your classic appeal. To keep a minimal approach, try avoiding something too gawdy and glittery. Rather, ask your makeup artist to give you a matte shade on both the eyes and lips. However, adding a little bit of shimmer would enhance your beauty. Try to cover up the appearance of face wrinkles by using light or medium coverage foundation.

Whatever makeup you put on your face, if you don’t know how to carry out, your expectations will not be fruitful. Make sure you wear water resistant makeup so that sweat, water or tears cannot spoil your beauty. You will find a wide array of makeup artists who will pamper you with their special beauty treatments so that your gracious appearance can amaze the onlookers.

Outdoor Wedding Venue

Every bride wants their day to be special and memorable so what better way to do that than having a garden wedding reception. This is a popular way to end your wedding, as it is open to the sky, allowing guest to enjoy natural beauty. You can also have your wedding in the garden. There are many reasons to hold both your wedding and reception in a garden, such as they can accommodate big gatherings, and are less expensive than indoor wedding venues for a reception.

When planning your garden wedding venue there is one thing that you need to take into consideration. You need to ensure there is enough space to accommodate a big group of people, that there is an area where people can dance, room for a band or DJ, room to set up tables if you are having a banquet, and more. Most brides who are planning a garden wedding and reception think that it is going to be a beautiful sunny day but no one can dictate the weather and make it be a sunny day. It could be a wet miserable do so you should rent a tent. Not only will it give you protection if the weather does not cooperate, it will give an ambiance to the wedding reception.

If you are using a tent, make sure that it is placed on even ground at a high level. If the water accumulates after a shower or the area is uneven install a subflooring of vinyl or plywood. Make sure that there are no overhead utility lines. The size tent that you will need depends on how many people will be there at the reception along with allowing space for dancing and seating if these are to be held under cover. You can choose from sturdy frame tents to the traditional pole tents.

Lighting is an important consideration, which adds to the romance of the wedding and reception. You should choose colors that create the mood you are trying to portray, which can include:

• Oranges and reds to energize your guests and create excitement
• Purples and blues will give your wedding reception a relaxing tranquil setting
• Golden and amber tones will give you beautiful pictures that make your guests and décor look beautiful
• Pinks will give your wedding reception comfort and warmth.

The décor for your garden wedding reception should be minimal because nature also adds to your decoration. To complement the natural settings a garden wedding reception provide choose floors. If the flowers are a table center, do not make them so big they take up most of the table. If you want to have big flower arrangements put then in English garden-type urns or on tall pedestals.

Way To Prepare Wedding Photos

Weddings remain undisputed as the one occasion where every one wishes to appear the best. The biggest smiles, the best clothing and the happiest moments are all there in good measure in a wedding. Capturing it calls for an eye for photography, the skills to get the best click and the equipment. Needless to say, wedding pictures are cherished for a lifetime. It is perhaps one of those few occasions when those showing the pictures share the same admiration as those viewing them. Choose right and freeze your happy feelings for ever.

Professionals possess expertise and brilliance, not just flashes of brilliance
The snaps you finally receive from a photographer will find their way to social media where you would be proud to share. The pictures will definitely enter an album. Would you settle for poorly captured images? A professional photographer knows the best angles, the best moments to freeze in frames. With candid photography, overwhelming photo ops, it makes more sense not to miss out on the best moments. A bumbling and unsure amateur will cut you off from the best memories. Choose a professional. Spend time with him going through the programme. This helps him to plan better.

Red flag inappropriate snaps of previous photo shoots of photographer
Carefully go through the previous snaps of photographer. It will reveal what he has not. Candid and posed photography need to be checked out. Some photographers capture candid moments better, while it is the other way round with some. A well experienced and professional photographer is one who can handle both types. Sample photos would always involve the best clicks of the photographer. So, if you do come across many clicks with odd or awkward moments in the frames, then you need to red flag the same to the photographer. Tell him what you do not want to see. Some people are endowed to look good in snaps clicked from all angles. Some look best in profile view, whereas others look good in portraits. Let him know about it.

Proper equipment – indoors, outdoors
The equipment used to click is as important as the person behind it. When asked, a passionate photographer will launch into a lengthy discourse on his equipment. That is a good indication. Probe for the kind of equipment that he plans to use, whether they are most suited for indoors or outdoors. Some models of cameras produce amazing pictures with sufficient lighting, whereas others do not. Ensure that the photographer is equipped to shoot with the right equipment.

A wedding is a solemn occasion, which will have moments of fun after the rites of marriage. The whole occasion needs to be captured in a manner that reflects the sheer joy and happiness, the spirit of the guests and the promise of a wonderful union. Choose the most suitable photographer to highlight the event in albums.

Tips To Find Wedding Ring

For many guys out there, shopping for engagement rings can be the toughest part of a proposal. While the answer may be a sure thing, the sheer number of choices can make the selection feel overwhelming. Here are a few tips to help even the most nervous guy find the perfect ring for that special someone.

Remember the Budget

Engagement rings can be expensive; establishing a budget should be every shopper’s main priority. Before heading to the jewellery store, they should look at their current finances and determine how much they can realistically afford. It’s far more romantic to find one they can afford than to blow their budget on a single piece of jewellery.

Ask Friends for Advice

Before heading to a jewellery store, it’s best to ask friends and family for advice. Friends who are recently engaged or married may have insight into the best stores around town, how to sneakily find a partner’s finger size, and tips on how to pick the right stone. They may have even overheard their friend’s significant other’s preferences!

Shop Around

When hunting for the perfect engagement band, it’s important to remember that different stores work with different designers. Guys need to shop around to find the band that will most appeal to that special someone rather than settling on the first store they visit. Once in a store, guys should look for attentive staff members who are interested in helping them make the best purchase rather than focusing on the size of the commission they’ll receive.

Pick the Right Stone

Traditionally, diamonds are the choice for engagement rings, but guys shouldn’t feel obligated to stick with tradition. Almost any gem can make a perfect center stone, and straying from the traditional diamond may help them save money. Consider what that special someone wears on a daily basis. If they love sapphires, look for options that feature sapphires as the center stone. If they frequently wear diamonds or have expressed their desire for a traditional ring, stick with a diamond.

Understand Cuts

Gemstones come in different cuts or shapes, and finding the right cut for a significant other can seem daunting. Again, take a look in their jewellery box to see if there’s a particular shape they prefer. If not, stick with what’s popular. Round cuts are one of the most popular shapes and are the most widely available, but because of their popularity, they will cost more. A cushion or square cut will still show off the gemstone’s sparkle but can cost significantly less.

Metal Matters

Gold is by far the most traditional metal choice, but it’s not the only one available. The best way to find out what type of metal that special someone will prefer is to head to their jewellery box. If they wear a lot of gold, stick with gold. However, if they wear mostly silver, opt for platinum or white gold. That way, they’ll be comfortable wearing the ring with other pieces.

Shopping for engagement rings can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. Follow these tips and be ready to pop the question with the perfect band.